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and i got you
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Thursday, March 22, 2018 // 7:43 PM

So I started med school recently. It's been ........... eventful haha. I decided to chose to stay in Sydney and study so I could be closer to home with family and friends - you know, your support network. As a result, I'm studying with high school leavers and although they don't make up the majority, I'm definitely noticing the maturity differences. At first, it was very full on, their presence I mean. But it's been over 3 weeks and we're kind of all melding together. I've met some really nice and fun people over the past month.

I told myself I would be a little bit more involved in this degree than I was in my last. I went to med camp and in retrospect had an absolute blast. On the Saturday night, we had the party and the med students from all grades came and it was so fucking lit hahahaha. The only times I left the dance floor were to get drinks and go to the bathroom. The bathroom escapades were fun. It was like a good 5 min walk into the bush and you'd run into so many people along the way and have 15 min conversations with them and each bathroom run would take almost half an hour hahaha.

So yeah, med camp party was pretty lit, the camp itself was also quite good :) In an attempt to be more involved I also ran for first year rep of the medical society and was elected! along with my friend Anthony. We have so much shit to do lmao, like plan an easter egg hunt, tutorial games, next years med camp etc. I hope I don't get run down because of the responsibilities. I'm excited for the year ahead!

One final thing, idk if I ever expressed this, but during med sci (with the exception of 3rd year) I would have days where I dreaded going into class. During Hons, there were some days where I would dread doing certain experiments, write ups etc. and I think it's because I knew I wasn't really 100% into it. Like my heart wasn't fully there. And while there are ofc good days and bad days with med, I'm looking forward to everyday and each week we have to present/discuss things in our PBL and I actually love it so much. I think I'm finally doing something I really want to do :)

How are y'all?

Friday, February 16, 2018 // 6:17 AM

Today is Tet or the Lunar New Year. Everyone here makes a big deal about it, cleaning the entire house the day before, they have everyone over for dinner and get all dolled up by painting their nails and dying their hair because there's this belief that how you spend your Tet is indicative of how your entire year will play out.

We've been in this town for almost a week now and tomorrow morning we're going to Nha Trang. I mentioned that this was a beach town and I was looking forward to beaching and doing nothing. Despite my best efforts, I never got to swim at the beach here because I was just under prepared and didn't bring swimmers etc. I ran to the beach once in the morning. It was nice, but I didn't want to have to run back to the hotel with wet sandy feet. Mum and I walked there the other day but she didn't want to sit on the sand. When I asked the neighbours family if we could go they're like 'the water is really muddy, don't swim here' lol which is kind of good, I guess? We did go to the beach today, though. No one told me and mum that we were going. We were both under the impression that because it's Tet we'd either stay at home or go and visit relos, but nope. They booked a private bus that took us to a lookout with a nice water hole (where I fell in lol) and to a beach where a boat took us out to a pontoon to have a seafood feast. I was super cut that I didn't bring my swimmers :( the water was crystal clear. We could see the sea floor at depths of 5-8 m! So upset lol

Anyway, another thing I wanted to talk about is travelling with mum. In my previous post I was super pissed off haha, but this last week has been amazing. We don't fight or argue or even bicker, unlike every other trip we've been on together. I think flying with a baby just stresses us all out haha. The baby has been occupied with his family members too, which is both good and bad because he's annoying everyone else now but I miss him haha. Every morning when mum and I stop by and visit, he'd yell out my name through the front gate so I think he misses me too, haha.

Staying in this town for a whole week was really good. I prefer staying in one place for a long time and really exploring the area and finding all the hidden gems than moving around every 2-3 days like we did in Europe. The down side with this though, was that the neighbours family always insisted on us coming over for breakfast and staying for lunch and then taking us out for dinner, so we kind of had to do things on their schedule and by the end I literally felt like we were wasting so much of their time and I felt so guilty. They kept telling one of their cousins to take me out, ride around and show me the city/ hang out with his mates and I did feel like I was bothering him by doing so. But yeah, we rode on motorbikes everyday and I even go to ride for a little bit! I chopped open coconuts for the family to drink and walked through their vineyard and played with their dogs. It's been pretty dope.

Kinda over the flavour of viet food tbh, everything is kind of really sweet. Can't wait to eat a tablespoon of vegemite when I get home!

the van
Sunday, February 11, 2018 // 6:04 AM

I'm travelling Vietnam with my Mum, our neighbour and her 1.5 year old son. I've been to Vietnam a few times before with just Mum or with my Aunt also and I always felt bored/lonely cos all they wanted to do was go to temples and go to bed by 9. So I was pretty stoked to go with this baby who I see everyday and love.

However, I didn't realise what travelling with a baby meant until we got to Sydney airport where I basically took on the role of babysitter, father and tour guide for those three. I got frustrated at how my mum would wait for me to carry all 3 bags of luggage even though she had both hands free and my neighbour had one - the baby was in her other arm. I had to ask around for locations of gates and bathrooms and when I headed in the right direction Mum would always sheepishly say "that's not the right direction" and it would frustrate the hell out of me. My mum and my neighbour both speak fluent Vietnamese and yet when we're on Vietnam airlines and they have questions or requests for water or baby food, they force me to do it. I responded with "you speak better viet than I do". So yeah, I was pretty damn frustrated on the first day of the trip.

The next few days we spent walking around Saigon, going to markets and buying odds and ends. I met up with my cousin for dinner and had never been so relieved to be able to speak English to someone who could hold a conversation with me. Then we had to board another plane to go to my neighbours home town - her "Nha Que" in viet. I was snappy again because everything I did was met with contradictory remarks that were just wrong and dumb. We got to Nha Trang airport and were met with my neighbours whole family - her mum, her grandma, her sisters, and nephew and niece. I saw this before, in Greece, while Ems and I were waiting for Bobs. All the family members were anxiously awaiting someone to come off the plane and they were all greeted with hugs and kisses. I thought it was a European thing, but it happened again today, except without the kisses. Only hugs. Asians don't display that kind of affection publicly, haha.

We all hopped in a van and drove 1 h from Nha Trang to Phan Rang, Nha Que of my neighbour and her son. I was sitting in the van just listening to the conversations and everyone was so happy their older sister (my neighbour) had come home with her son for the first time. In that the car I realised everyone fell into the typical archetypal role - there was the know it all aunty, the grandpa that always rambled on to fill the silence but no one really listened to, the little princess niece who was always teased and the really old grandma that almost speaks in tongues and occasionally comes up to you and tells you to eat or apologises for eating vegetarian so close to the new year.

It was a really nice change of pace from the busy Saigon. We got to my neighbours house and they gave us the tour. I peered through the coconut trees and watched the sunset over the mountains and thought of my family and friends at home who also saw the same sun today. We had fresh coconut which was all kinds of refreshing, it was mildly sweet and even had a slight fizz to it. They invited us to stay for dinner which was chicken congee which was made from the house chicken. The meat is a lot chewier than the chicken at home, but has a nice flavour to it. The congee had innards in it and I ate a lung and something round. For a good 5 minutes I was certain I had eaten chicken's testicles. To confirm my curiosity, I asked if the chicken was a male or female. "Female" they all answered - the males are saved for the cock fights they have on the new year. I asked if I could go and watch - as much as I despise animal racing/ sports, my dad had asked me to video a rooster fight or cricket fight, haha. Saying this out loud to them made me miss him and home again.

So this city is taking up the bulk of this trip. It's a small beach town so I'm hoping there will be heaps of days where I can just lay on the beach and do nothing.

Blue Lips
Friday, January 19, 2018 // 2:22 PM

So Tove Lo released her 3rd album last month and I am absolutely obsessed. They're just so fun. Listening to the songs is like going on an emotional roller coaster LOL. My faves are:

shedontknowbutsheknows and
hey you got drugs?

I finished up at dymocks lassssst Thursday and I've entered that stage where I am completely free but I feel anxious cos it feels like I've missed a deadline or I'm wasting my time. The free time is nice, though. I've been going to the beach every other day and snorkelling sometimes. Andrew and I signed up for a trial at F45 and it's been going well. Everyone is super nice and friendly and I want to stay but cannot afford :(

My Mum and my sister's birthdays are in Jan and I had a blast going out to two lovely free dinners with my family and my neighbours who are kind of like our adopted family now.

 This is my new fave photo. The little boy is my neighbours son, Henry, and he hangs out with our family every night and he absolutely loves my mum. When I was standing next to her, scratching her head and kissing her forehead he comes up to the chair and makes her cuddle him and pushes my hand away. Then we tested out a theory and got Carol to put her hand on my mums shoulder and he pushed it away too, hahahahahahahahahahaha. Little shit.
It was carol's birthday and we went out for more food! 
Fam photo with our new adopted son :)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 // 1:24 AM

I used to make mix tapes/CDs for my friends in high school. There were no themes or anything to them, just songs that I really liked at the time. My good friend Lyanna (hi) made me one back for my 15th birthday and I still listen to it in the car sometimes. In the sea of indie rock/pop from the early naughties is "What's my name" by Drake and Rihanna. I absolutely love it because I was obsessed with that song in year 10, haha.

Sunday, December 31, 2017 // 10:14 PM

2017 was an exceptional year! 

Here are some highlights: 

First new year spent with my man :)
 My group going strong! also Drew's grad I guess
This old family photo/calendar my aunt pulled out when I was over for Christmas haha
 Good times at the beach
Baby Kayden
 My best mate and the first fish he caught with the rod I got him for his bday (his bday is in feb but this happened in like october? LOL)
My beautiful uni friends
Masterchef K Su! Always a blast fishing and chilling with him :)
  Many adventures with this one
 What are they doing to my son??
 This happy chap got his first job!
 Volunteering with St John, making new friends, and working better as a team
 This was one of my last days in the lab and they got me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! Best lab, best Honours experience, just the best 
 Lots of fishing this year!!!!! Catch n Cook with my boiz @Kollinchin and @tienandrew
 Hiking with Lyanna and Cynthia and Drew
 Welcome to the Fam Ellen :)
 First day back and I got to meet Jimmy Barnes
 Wouldn't have survived Honours without this girl
My first Lebo wedding
 Ran something for the first time ever 
My other son Henry
Huynh's birthday. Good times from the beginning of the year through to the end 

2017 was a great year

Thursday, December 28, 2017 // 1:18 AM

Deja Vu - Shakira
Go Bang - Panu
Slowly - Giraffage