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March 18
Saturday, March 18, 2017 // 4:54 AM

Hey guys. I don't know if anyone still reads this, haha but the last time I spoke to some high school friends, they said that they still check up on me occasionally. So hello Juliana, Cynthia and Snoopy :)

Boy, where do I begin? Gamsat is next week. I finally got myself into this nice little routine where I'd wake up at 5:45 am, sleep on the train, gym, have breakfast at VC, do a bit of gsat, then begin my day. Everything has been quite full on cos I've also got my lit review due 3 weeks after gamsat and my Mum and sister just left for a holiday so Dad and I have to fend for ourselves lol.

Anyway, so a friend of mine told me that theres a name for people who grow up in a different country/culture to their parents (basically me and 100% of my friends, also prob something close to 50% of aussie kids, even. lol don't quote me)

So we are whats referred as 'third culture kids', children or adults now, who were once children who grew up in a culture that is different to the culture of their parents. There's a whole list of characteristics on wiki about us and they're pretty much all very true. What was surprising to me was that this term was coined in the 50's. Although, I guess a lot of people did migrate/immigrate post war etc.

We third culture kids are/have:
-bi or multilingual: true of pretty much all my friends

-an expanded world view: so we can view situations from multiple perspectives because we have been exposed to two (or many) different cultures who approach issues differently

-interpersonal sensitivity: this was like a big "TRUUUU" moment when I read this, haha. So because we've been exposed to multiple cultures, we are able to control our actions and emotions and are adept in registering societal norms and cues which differ to our own culture(s). Essentially, were more sensitive to the idea that people from different cultures do things differently and eat weird shit and have odd customs, but we're very open minded about it and are more readily accepting of these new ways as 'just how they do it, cos its a part of their culture' Some of my mono cultural friends can come off as rude when they just innocently ask or say things like 'but that's not how you do it' or 'thats the wrong way' etc. Even my relatives in vietnam (mono cultural) view some things that westerners do as out right crazy and will verbally express this. Although most westerners won't understand, haha.

-cultural adaptability: not just being able to move across diff countries with different cultures and be a bit more accepting of it, but also including the adaptability to different organisations, like cultural fit in a corporation.

Although we have an upper hand in these regards, we also face many challenges:

- Confused loyalties: This one rang true for me quite profoundly. So third culture kids can be confused about politics, patriotism and values. This is loosely related to having an identity crisis, which I know a lot of people face. Like, am I Australian or am I Vietnamese? because there is a clear distinction between the two in terms of political beliefs, cultural customs and values. And there hasn't really been a place before that has the amalgamation of both in harmony. So I guess were kind of the pioneers of that group. Like Aussie-asians. I know, especially for myself, that I don't feel like an aussie-asian. Its more like sometimes I'm more aussie and other times im more asian. I understand that I am both, but my identity makes a bit more 'sense' when I chose one of the two sides. I guess it is quite dynamic. And I do switch between the two. What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't feel like adding vegemite to pho is ever going to be a thing that works well enough to be socially accepted. LOL

Ignorance of home culture: I literally know nothing concrete about what life is like in Vn. I can't really say that I understand what it's like to grow up in a developing country, or to go home from school between 11 and 1 to have lunch and then return. You know, like I may know a little bit of info, but its all anecdotal. I never really experienced it. (which goes back to how sometimes I can feel more australian than vietnamese, of course the converse situation also exists)

Adjusting to adult life: a mixture of influences from many cultures can make it hard to develop an identity and a sense of belonging. I think these all go hand in hand.

Anyway, I thought that was an interesting concept. It's nice to know that there's a name for what I am, haha.

Its late, until next month!

as promised
Monday, February 20, 2017 // 3:00 AM

a photo (singular) blog

haha, I'm too lazy to upload all the photos from my phone to my laptop, so y'all can have one photo

Partying with my girls from VC :D

February has flown by

photos up soon i swear!! LOL

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 // 3:33 AM

bucket list

Year in review
Friday, December 30, 2016 // 3:48 PM

Probably the most general, most repeated thing that has been going around on social media of late is how big a shit storm 2016 was. And another big thing, which seems to be a tiny bit more of a specialised view, is how 2016 was a year of 'realising things' and boy, can I vouch for that.

For me, 2016 wasn't too bad a year. It definitely wasn't the best, but nothing drastically bad happened for me to wish this year over sooner. It was a year of growth, maturation and yes, it was all through the realisation of things that maybe I wanted to stay oblivious to, but in hindsight, I'm glad I figured whatever the thing was, out. 

I think what made this year feel worse than others, at times, was my happiness. And it's not that I didn't have good people and good things surrounding me, on the contrary, in regards to those I've never felt closer to my friends and I did some pretty cool stuff this year. I think it's got to do with just being older. I've heard from several sources that the happiest years of your life are your teenage years and the ones you have after you retire. Everything just goes downhill from high school, or there abouts. And I think I'm actually starting to see that as true. 

This was my year off, out of uni. I went and travelled the world and had fun, but never have I felt more pressure or stress on a day to day basis. And I don't even have finals to study for! I was thrust into the 'real world' although I didn't find myself doing anything in my field until the very end of the year, but there was this constant worry about everything. There was more responsibility. And I think that's what slowly chipped away at my happiness. Somedays it genuinely felt like my full capacity of happiness was halved. All the things that made me immensely happy 2 years ago only made me 'happy' now. Not because of my shift in interest or whatever, I don't think I can just feel to that extent anymore, or not as often as I did anyway. And that both upsets and disappoints me. 

My group and I, well we started saying this more and more this year and at first, I welcomed the idea, then I tried to deny it as best I could, but now I think I'm finally starting to really accept it. We're adults now. We're no longer teenagers, no longer 'young adults' still maturing, we're like full blown adults. We've finished/ we're finishing uni, we're thinking of moving out and being more independent, we've been working meaningless jobs for many years and we're now starting to trade those in for 'real jobs'. We're adults.

I forgot where this was going, haha.

In summary...


  • feeling lost 80% of the time without guidance
  • not getting into med, for some reason it hurt more this year than previous
  • working meaningless jobs, just to make money. something I regret in hindsight. but money was good lol 
  • not making the most of my time off to do something good/meaningful 
  • watching my friends go through hurt and heart ache
  • dad sick
It not that big of a list but certain points bare a lot of weight. Also, I'm by nature an optimist so if it was bad, but not that bad, I would've overridden it in my memory haha

  • I got to travel Europe with some of my oldest, newest and now dearest friends
  • No winter :)
  • Not having to do exams
  • Jamie
  • Opening up to my friends more and becoming closer because of it :)
  • Summer scholarship at VC
  • My new bike
  • I got to volunteer more and make a small difference to those in my community
  • Tutoring my kids
  • Dream team
  • Fishing! 
  • Flume's concert, which was literally the best night I've had all year
  • graduating. I know I've told you guys this already, but thank you so much for coming, I didn't expect such a turn out and thank you all so much for flowers! y'all really made me feel special :') 
  • Being an FR again with St John

2016 wasn't so bad :)

But there's always room for improvement! Here's to 2017! 

Have a fun, happy and safe new years guys :)

Love always,

Thursday, December 15, 2016 // 4:27 PM

What a long 5 weeks it has been! I just finished my second last week at Victor Chang. Been super busy. Have barely seen my boo and my friends, but it'll be over soon. I'm have a ripper good time though, haha. Photos up soon too.

I can't wait for xmas!

For those who have been asking, here is a list of stuff I would like for christmas

A flamingo.

Be Here Now
Thursday, November 10, 2016 // 10:45 PM

So I haven't put up a photo blog in ages, haha. I still have not compiled all my Europe pics yet, so here's a quick recap of what I've done since coming home :)

 Went to a lookout in Napean with Collin the first week I came back :)

 Standard Bowl. Sick club w a real bowling alley and arcade games!

 Flew kites w dese 2
 Traditional Viet Wedding whole roast pig
 Bae and our first born at Cathy and Sanith's Wedding

 When bae would rather talk to ur cousin than to you
 Little beach trip to Stanwell Tops/ Thirroul with Danzo and MISOOOOO

 What a cutie
 Hahahahaha so this one night we went exploring and Collin walked into a mud puddle that proceeded to suck his foot in hahahahahahahahahah poor bubba

 Defqon 1

 Tried this with my students
 Brunch w Snoopy
 Went for a hike to Figure 8 Pools with Hellen Marcos and Emily! Saw this beautiful Kanga

 We walked up the side of a waterfall

 WIESOC engineering gala

 Too much of dis lol

 Danzo's birthday

 Listen Out!!!

 The group went down to Thirroul for Labor Day and had a seafood picnic before we went swimming

 Bobs and I shared these snacks before heading home haha

 Greek food near uni!!!
 Figure 8 again w Jamie and his mates
 Terence's surprise dranks lol
 Hellen's new baby Skye!!!!

 Sculptures by the sea
 Devil Foetus

 Met Freddy Crabs from Sticky Fingers!!!! Ahhhh!!!!
 Caught my first Trevally
 First time filleting fish. I reckon I did okay haha

 Left of Field

 Ads' 22nd!
 Cathy aka Lone Wolf with Eeh aka Eeh
Is that the guy from The Faze?